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Good Times


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
Alright so i was working tonight me and my buddy had about an hour left of work in the ol kitchen, well we went to team up and finish dish quickly and went to put the hood vents back up in their proper place.....fortunately i was able to slide my finger down the back of one of them and gash it open requiring 2 stitches, which is really jack shit and i dont care, i just figured hey post for shits and giggles, so an hour later i was back at work helping my buddy finish up closing....WHY? because we were gonna watch the megadeth rude awakenings dvd after work, and i wanted to watch it badly...oh and we were gonna eat nachos....good times....and yea....2 stitches in my right hand index finger....bugger


You work in a kitchen and you cut yourself on a vent? NICE
I'm just bugging ya... I've done it too... but I didn't need stitches but there was alot of blood... but that was many moons ago