Should I Call You Jesus?
i am so alone.
sitting here beside you.
i feel so empty now.
lost and confused.
i wanna run away,never to return here
leaving my past behind, to do something new
i used to love this small town. but i wanna escape and explore the world
im not gunna listen to you anymore!
i'm my own person, i have my own dreams
why are you fighting me on this?
i thought you wanted me to be happy!
now i see that was a lie, that's all you've done to me!

what happened to you and me?
when did our lives turn around?
we used to be in love
but it didn't last too long
i miss the way things were
when i used to laugh not cry
you've bruised my heart for the last time
now i've realized. i wanna leave you now!

i never felt so empty inside
until you came into my life
i wanna leave forever
so you can be alone
i hate to feel like this
alone,sad, and depressed
the scars are internal too
something you refuse to see
i can't keep doing this
i've drawn my own blood for the last time
so many emotions running through me
why won't you let me be?

i've wandered too close to the edge
of life and death 'cuz of you
you've got this depressive vibe,
i think it's rubbed off on me now too
i can't stand what you've done
to make me love you this long
when i've hated to just be alive
and to think i needed you to survive
you need to back away form me
let me leave you here
to break some other chicks heart
and make her scream in the dark
you have to learn to stop
and think about what you've done
i'm leaving you now.........goodbye
it's time i stopped living this lie


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
Very deep and moving. I know how that poem feels.


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
meh_it_all said:
Precisly. :( all depressed because of that poem...hold my hand(don't ask why its thinner than a hand and has only one digit....)