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Google Shares Seen Surpassing $500 Mark



Google Shares Rise After Analyst Predicts Company Stock Price May Hit $500 Within Next 12 Months

NEW YORK (AP) -- Google Inc. shares popped another 2 percent Monday after one Wall Street analyst predicted the Web-search giant's stock price could hit $500 within the next 12 months.

The price target becomes the latest psychological trading barrier slapped on to the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. Google, which closed its first day of trading at $85 in August 2004, sailed past the $400 mark for the first time last Thursday.

UBS analyst Benjamin Schachter said he sees the stock continuing its impressive ascent as the company's fundamentals and array of offerings remain strong.

He is the first analyst out of 22 who follow the company to suggest a $500 price target -- with his colleagues predicting shares between a range of $255 to $475, according to Thomson Financial.

"Based on Google's current products and trends, the stock remains undervalued," Schachter said in a report. "Even if most of its future products fail, the underlying fundamentals of its current offerings are solid."

Google shares rose $8.59, or 2 percent, to a new all-time high of $408.80 in late afternoon trading on the Nasdaq.

Analysts pinned the latest stock achievement on strong quarterly financial results and a series of new-product announcements. Among the new Google initiatives driving investor excitement is Google Base, a service launched recently that will collect all sorts of information from consumers and businesses and make it easily searchable by the masses.

A jump in Google's share price to $500 would lift its market capitalization to $150.6 billion. This would make it bigger than the present-day value of both Time Warner Inc. and Disney Co. combined, but still leaves it behind Microsoft Corp.'s $293 billion.


Eyeless Pilot
Holy fuck.. Microsuck is going down, and Google is ready to knock them aside like a poorly-delivered Kamehameha and blow up the planet.


OmegaZeto said:
Holy fuck.. Microsuck is going down, and Google is ready to knock them aside like a poorly-delivered Kamehameha and blow up the planet.
Well, at least you didn't use a Sega/John Romero analogy. :confused:


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I had like $1000, and Google's stock was just opening. My mom asked me if I wanted to invest in a few shares, and I said no.

I really regret that.