WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Google your initials


Yay fire!
I don't think this has been done before... I searched for a similar thread and found nothing, soooooo:
Do a Google image search for your initials, and post the first picture Google comes up with.

My initials are DLM.



That's Illogical.
Damn, there was a lot of information about WSH, but mainly some stuff about windows, and java script, and even "Water, Sanitation, and Health" page - but NO images.
This was the first one...
Um...guys...I don't really want to show you my search results... it's kind of gay...if you want to see what it is then go do CBW and see for yourself. It doesn't fit me at all. I hate that. I'll show you guys the second result it came up with.