Headlines GOP Invokes 9/11 to Make Case for Bush


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NEW YORK - Republicans opened their convention by invoking the memory of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks — the World Trade Center stood about four miles south of Madison Square Garden — as a test of President Bush's mettle as a strong and decisive leader.

"Since September 11th President Bush has remained rock solid," former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Monday, likening the president to Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. "We need George Bush more than ever."

That prompted Democratic Party chief Terry McAuliffe to recall "a certain Churchill quote that, after the last four years, certainly applies to George Bush: `He's a humble man with much to be humble about.'"

Democrats and some Sept. 11 victims say Republicans are politicizing a national tragedy. Giuliani denied that, saying Democrats made frequent mention of Sept. 11 at their convention last month in Boston. He said if Republicans did not cite Bush's response to the tragedy it would be like President Abraham Lincoln not mentioning the Civil War when he ran for re-election in 1864.

"How do we as Republicans defend the president that we think has gone a good job with Sept. 11 without mentioning it?" Giuliani asked during an appearance Tuesday on ABC. "It wouldn't even be a fight with one hand tied behind your back, this would be a fight with two hands tied behind your back.

That is some Spin. Taking the worst terrorism failure and somehow turning it into a win.
What a bunch of brainless sheep...

Jayme Black

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Yeah, it's kinda like everyone in the media pronouncing terror the same way the president does. Has anyone noticed this? What the hell did Bush do? After the attacks, he went after Osama for a while, then for some fucked up reason decided to get a stick up his ass and go after Saddam. They say it's not because of oil, but do you really believe that when that's why we went after Saddam before? I don't know if it's just me, but I haven't heard one mention of Osama in the media since the "war". How the hell can you call that a war? It was an invasion, and that's all. And how can he think he's going to win the war on terrorism? There's always going to be terrorism. Just cause dubya says it, makes it true? Reminds me of my ex husband. He lives in his own little world too. But that's off subject.

Anyway, I totally agree with you on the 'brainless sheep'. And that's all for me.


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damn straight, it's disgusting that either political party would make mention of it in a political context, but that's the way or system works, and like it or not, that kind of inhuman exploitation gets votes from the mindless numb tv addicted masses.