Got any crazy stories


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Got any crazy, weird, wacky, plain disgusting or funny as hell you'd like to share? I've heard some corkers over the years and have a few myself.

To get things started, this little story is what triggered me to add a whole definition of "being an asshole".

So this happened when I was about 18-20 years old. i grew up in a small town where everyone at least recognises everyone and with such a small population you soon realise the necessity to not be so picky about the people you hang out with. Never is this more true down the pub. So, a chap i'll call dave, I'd known for a couple years, we'd had an altercation at some point elsewhere and hadn't really crossed paths since. During a night out with a close mate, we pumped into dave down the pub, got on fine and got pretty drunk around the pool table. At last orders I though fuck it, let's continue back at mine. I was first to bed, the guys crashed sometime after.

In the morning my mate woke me up saying "you need to see this". Hung over, head throbbing, i got up and walked into the hall. At this point my senses woke up and I was hit by shittest smell. It was shit. The house stank of it. We made our way downstairs. In the kitchen there was shit smeared all over the floor. My mate said "look in the sink". Yep, dollops of crap amongst the dishes. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Where the fuck is dave". I noticed as the morning was getting brighter the shit trailed up the stairs, across the hall and into the spare bedroom. Dave was wrapped up in a "white" sheet on the spare bed , faeces smeared all across his face and body.

He of course denied it beside being caught brown handed - took every bit of stench not to hospitalise him. But the most painful thing was I was still living with my mum... it was her house. Fucking worse hangover of my life, me and my mate scrubbing that shit up before my mum woke up. We failed.

Dave definitely gave a new definition to the word "asshole".
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The Original Fuck You Bomb
I Admin a couple of other Forums, one has "Corn" onit and anime with some Hentai,
Had a new member start posting Loli-Porn and "Death Fucking" ..that was a new one on me, so check one of his video's of the death fucking and it shows a girl getting fucked very happily,
then a second joe comes in and takes over , gets into it, in the process ends up choking the life out of her..girl went purple and did the twitch while spittle drooled out of her mouth...could be fake, could have been real..I dunno as there's no way for me to find out,
I messaged the new joe after I deleted his posts and his responses were classic, I took out most of the ramble, but
~~~according to him~~~
"We all have these fantasy's about fucking children and killing people when we have sex,and that I'm a hypocrite for not allowing him to post it when I allow others to post cartoon hentai"..

I give him the speech about Hentai is a cartoon adult getting unimaginably fucked silly I didnt get where he was getting at.
Loli-Porn is the disgusting rape of small children who have no idea of whats going on,
and the "Death-Fucking" was some of the most disturbing shit I had ever seen,
He once again flared into I'm a hypocrite against free speech, I'm an entitled piece of trash who is glad Biden and that "******" bitch won, and that Trump is the true leader of this nation the savior of America..

So yep..that gimps IP was banned, and blacklisted as Loli-Gagger.
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From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Jesus, Mary and all things hairy, that's a lot to take in. You must have some pretty thick skin to take that shit in your stride. Not sure if this story is better off in authority hands! :o