Got my presents


Blowing up my pants
Ok, so I got my presents, with a few unexpected surprises.

When my dad came back from Vegas, he also brought me back an 'Olympus Camedia D-535" digital camera. It's awesome! The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't have to much internal hard drive space.

I got the personal media center, which I think is a 4/5. The battery cover is flimsy, but it plays MP3's like a wonder and video comes out good providing the source is decent.

I also ( :) heres the surprise) recieved my first cell phone, a Motorola V180. I haven't gotten to use it, since the person in the mall forgot to insert the SIM card into mine, and my brothers had a flaky battery. So we're gonna go back tomorrow to get the required fixes. But its so sexy :thumbsup:

I recieved WW:T (WarioWare Touched) and its crazy, with the stupidest yet most amusing games ever. The book I recieved about hacking game consoles looks good. And yes, it does say how to transform an atari into a PC :thumbsup:

Ok, thanks for reading. I hope this would be helpful to anyone buying some of these things.


Click click boom
lucky, i dont have that shit. of course, im an umemployed college guy. whatev. :thumbsup: