goth girl poem


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Goth Girl

Spiked Hair
nose ring
gothic gear
guitar strings
punctured skin
tattoos galore
anorexicly thin
clothing torn

Her lips claim to hate the world
but her eyes spill at night
Flesh covered demons torture her
they tell her she can never be one of them
so she turns her back
pretending not to care
but go to a nearby puddle and you will find her there
she's collecting the remains of her heart
she thinks the black will hide it,
-a veil for her delicate soul
but all see through it
as if it were transparent
and thin
as a zip- lock bag.


no piggy no!!!
here's another, you may as well critique both at the same time

Cat Fight
Red EYES clenched JAW
sharp FANGS- protruding CLAWS
all wait for the fight to begin
(BREATH held- HEARTBEAT quickens)
BLADES of words are withdrawn
WEAPONS are heard
all know one will leave bleeding
the other- with thicker BLOOD
Soon clothes are ripped
scratch marks appear
hair is pulled and sent flying

a porcelain face that was painted that same morning
now smashes into the pavement.
Manicured nails are bent,
cracked and now deformed
tears spill and SCREAMs escape

The observers only watch the skirts fly up
and pretend not to hear the agony,
see the suffering,
that either girl endures
both now, when skin is torn
or yesterday, when self- inflicted scars were born

RIbs protrude but all that is seen
are the breasts which mantle them.
The ravenous lips' only purpose-
to please
and smudge lipstick onto collars.

This illusion never fades,
even as the once-befriended girls
are torn from one another.
They examine the running mascara-
now mixing with blood.
and the other damage they've done
to one they once loved

Although limbs are still in place
now they both depart
in shattered little pieces.