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Headlines Gov. Bush Seeks to Take Custody of Schiavo


Seeker of Truth

(AP) - Terri Schiavo's parents saw their options vanish one by one Wednesday as a federal appeals court refused to reinsert her feeding tube and the Florida Legislature decided not to intervene in the epic struggle. Refusing to give up, Gov. Jeb Bush sought court permission to take custody of Schiavo. The desperate flurry of activity came as President Bush suggested that Congress and the White House had done all they could to keep the severely brain-damaged woman alive.
That sick fucker using that poor sick woman for political gain.

What a pandering peice of shit!


Chaotic Neutral
I still don't understand why they don't fucking kill her.

Cutting off her food and water? What kind of sick fuck judge would allow that?? KILL HERRR straight! no pain, no starvation/dehydration! Jesus wouldn't unplug her, he would either let her live or end her life oneshot.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
tzedek said:
How many threads do we need for this??? :thumbsdn:
At least 3. Bare minimum. I'm hoping for 5

Here's what I don't get... Gov. Bush wants to take custody? What the fuck? She's MARRIED. Every court in this nation will recognize that a SPOUSE supercedes anyone else in this case. The only reason it's gone on so long is her parrents relentless ability to file court case and make accusations of abuse.

Gov Bush has zero standing in this case. If the hubby gets whacked her mommy and daddy get to make the calls.

Fucking Bush assholes. I'd make some sort of statement but I'd probably get busted for making terrorist threats against the president's family.


Hella Constipated
Damn, dude.

We went through this case for a whole week in my Criminal Justice class for the first semester, but I never knew it would get this bad...

The Bush dynasty really loves legalism.

Clinton plz kthxbye. Oh wait, he's raising funds with Senior. That means one thing:


The one good thing to come out of all this. 99% of the SuperinformationCauldesack is against him


Fresh Meat
The status quo was set when they plugged her in in the first place... regardless of our thoughts the deeds been done and any move to unplug the girl is seen as hostile.... regardless of whether she lives or dies there are going to be a lot of blame shifting and pissed off people.....

Glad I ain't there....

(It's my first post so flame away...... i'm a big boy)