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Headlines Gov. Jeb Bush Not Eyeing Presidential Run


Seeker of Truth
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Read his lips: Gov. Jeb Bush really, really isn't interested in succeeding his brother in the White House in 2008.

Bush reiterated Tuesday that he is not going to run for the Senate when Florida has a seat up in 2006, and said he has no designs on the presidency four years from now.

And he is getting awful tired of the question.

"Might you change your mind?" asked a reporter.

"No!" governor said. "Why am I not believable on this subject? This is driving me nuts."

But he dodged a question on whether he might "eventually" run for president.

"Eventually, what's that?" Bush asked after a sigh.

The governor's second and final four-year term ends in January 2007.


What's he so defensive about?

Did anyone check to see if his fingers were crossed behind his back?


You're my number two
"Might you change your mind?" asked a reporter.

MaxPower jumped in and replied: "STFU! Don't give him any ideas!! GeeZ! N00b!!"