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Growing Pains


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Part one...

I wake up and hit the alarm, well god-damn
I'm fighting with my girl and I'm fighting with my fam
And I'm fighting my friends, shit I cancelled my plans
I wanna stay in today and try to make amends
And tie up loose ends, I took a shower and scrubbed
And then I reassured my mom that she still was loved
And I appreciate that she does her best to feed me
But I'm a young man now, and soon you got to free me
I'm sorry that I stay out late, I'm sorry that I owe you money
And I really did try to get a job this summer,
I'll work harder in school, I know you want the best for me
And you try to be cool,
I know I can be aggravating at times
But I really do try,
I want you to be proud of me,
And I know maybe I've never stopped to tell you
How much I admire you, for raising me without a dad
I understand that I can be a little bit of a pain
I apologize for every time I've made you worried
I'm sorry that I don't wake up in the A.M.
I'm sorry I don't go to sleep till the A.M.
I'm sorry that you don't like all of my friends
I'm sorry that I don't help more on the weekends
I do understand that I'm the man of the house
I do understand that I could be more helpful
I guess I just wanted to say,
That I love you and I'm trying my best to grow into a man
And I'm sorry if I've given you growing pains
Excellent Icky, the greatest thing ever written in the history of the Writer's Block. You win at life and writing. :Bow:


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Parts 2 & 3:

To my one and only...
I guess I couldn't call myself Romeo
Remember the time that you told me you hated love?
You're moving on to college and I'm sending my love
I wish I could tell you all the things that go
Through my mind when I hear you ringing my phone
Or I know that it's you knocking at my door
I get worried when you stay out in L.A.,
I know you're faithful but I'm concerned about you staying safe,
I mean, I wish that I could have a word for my emotions,
I can't explain them, but I promise to you my devotion
Wasn't the potion that brought you and me together that night,
I had been drinking but you know that it still feels right,
And right now things just aren't that cool,
I know I do stupid things and sometimes play the fool,
But you know, I love you, and you love me too,
I know, cause when we're together there's nothing we can't do
I promised you the moon and I promised the stars,
And I know right now stuff is getting hard
But if there's only one thing I can give you, it's this,
My heart to accompany your kiss
And as you grow into a woman I can become a man,
I just apologize for all our growing pains

To my friends...
Sorry that I never call you back,
I know I've been dropping the ball and you've been cutting me slack,
I know I've blown you off and that I act all whack,
But I know you'll wait for me because you've got my back,
I've known you too long to treat you this way,
I'm sorry, and I will come around one day,
I've been treating the whole posse, on the whole, real bad
I've been busy, but you know, I do feel real bad
And I don't want to be a guy that just disappears,
That's why I will find time to hang and just to make it clear,
You guys and girls are important to me,
I feel like you are a part of my family
And I can trust you, but I know what that means,
That you gotta trust me, and I know I've been violating
The trust built up and I'm annihilating
My status as a best friend and brother, I know you're waiting
But I also know that you'll forgive me, that's why I'm taking
This chance to tell you that it won't be long,
I'll make it up to youand try to right my wrongs,
I'm really just trying to grow into a man
And I'm sorry if I've given you growing pains