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Headlines Guerrillas Say Seize Six Foreign Hostages in Iraq


Seeker of Truth
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Guerrillas said Wednesday they had seized six more foreign hostages -- three Indians, two Kenyans and an Egyptian -- and threatened to kill them one by one, sparking a new hostage crisis a day after a kidnapped Filipino was freed.

In video footage given to Arabic satellite channel Al Arabiya, masked gunmen said they would behead the captives unless the Kuwaiti company they worked for pulled out of Iraq.

"We announce we have captured two Kenyans, three Indians and one Egyptian. We tell the company to withdraw and close its offices in Iraq," said one of the masked men, from a group calling itself the "Black Banners."

The guerrillas also demanded that India, Kenya and Egypt withdraw their citizens from Iraq. None of the countries are part of the U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq but many of their nationals work as drivers and contractors.

Well, it appears that Gloria's act of cowardice has given the insurgents the boost they needed. They're taking them in groups now, and making demands of commercial companies!

You can never give into terrorists. It will only ever lead to more terrorism. And so it has...


I really did.
Yes, I agree, my father and I always discuss things like negotiating with terrorism, and if you negotiate that just leaves them more room to take more hostages and take advantage of the situation. It makes it seem like they can get what ever they want with their terrorism, and even though it sucks, we can not give in, because it's exactly what we are fighting. It's a vicious circle. When the Phillipines gave in I posted saying I was seriously disappointed. Now these little countries are being targeted..I hope they stick with it until it's finished.


:: What Ebonics ::
Very true, its like the bully effect. You give them your money, they beat you up..and come back next week for more. The only way to negotiate is to give him a bloody nose, so that he doesnt come back.


The only problem is...
It's their country.. And they know every inch of it.
The American's don't.

So how long will it take, untill the Yankees start with the roundup of 100 hostages for every westerner killed and shoot those bastards.

I know... ;) That's not going to happen..
It gives bad publicity... :rolleyes:

So it leaves the Good Ol' USA one logical alternative...

Get the hell out of there! :D


I really did.
Hey, I like what you're saying, Marius, that's what I am thinking. But I wish it didn't have to be that we had to kill before being killed.


I really did.
There are certain rules of war that policians have laid down in history. This is what you get with politicians and war. So, for instance one of the rules is: Neither side can torture POWs with cruel and unusual punishment. Taking hostage and beheading POWs is cruel and unusual, shooting a crowded room of POWs is C&U, raping and taking pictures of the abused POWs is C&U. So you're right, it is bad publicity, and I know a lot of people think an eye for an eye, fight fire with fire. But it can not continue to work that way. It will never end and it will continue to be in this circle of violence. That's why wars have lasted so long and are unfinished today. But if you give into the school yard bully, as Marius has stated, he will come back and do it again. Thus, you can not give into terrorism. Countries (such as America) have to present their powerfulness and be the school yard bully, or or country will sink below thirdworld countries, and we will be walked all over upon by someone else than our government. I'd rather be walked all over upon by my government, than someone elses.


lexicon incognito
vor said:
True, if we weren't there killing people in the first place...
i understand that. but think of it this way: they don't WANT to kill. they feel like they have to since shit has gotten so bad that people won't listen any other way.

knock the wind out of their sails. there's always a way to do it.

it's the same way you can instantly shut up a kid who's having a tantrum. instead of giving them the thing they want to shut up (which equates to them training you to surrender) you undo the cause that makse them want it in the first place, and they still shut up.

~ dan ~