guess where i work?


Banned - What an Asshat!
computer sales
i have the stupidest ppl call in.

will that 399 system run games? my son is 15 and wants to do online gaming.

My favorite customer sat goes like this:

me: how can i help you today?
stupid customer: I am going to return this computer (freaks and cusses) I cant get any help with it!

me: well, ma'am, I am a senior representative here, what can I help you with?

s.c.: Every time i call into tech support they hang up on me or i wait on hold for an hour (curses me)

me: what exactly is your system doing? I am not tech support, but I am willing to listen and blah, blah blah..

customer: everytime i type something in microsoft word, there is a little blinking line following it! I think I have a virus!

i told her to hold while i found out how to resolve this.

I laughed so god dam hard i thought i was going to pee myself.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
that my friend is an absolute classic reminds me of sumthing read this......


Banned - What an Asshat!
that about somes it up!

Heres another gem form my history:

guy: I need to order a larger monitor, i just recv'd this one, its defective.

me: well, I am sales sir...blah, blah, what is your monitor doing?

guy: ive reached the end of the mouse pad, and the mouse wont go anywhere!

me: sir, would you please move your mouse to the other end of the mouse pad and tell me if the icon

guy: the what?!?

me: the little pointy thing on your screen

guy: oh.

me: let me know if it moves.

guy: its moving.

Me: just go ahead and do that for now, you do not need to order a new monitor at this time.

guy: ok, this one works fine?

me: yes sir.

dear god, should these ppl really be allowed to order a fucking computer?

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Orggh... poo mah pants...
I hate stupid people. They should just be killed. The world doesn't need 'em... why the hell not? I mean Jesus... no wonder the tech support hung up on her, they obviosely thought it was a prank call.

...and you shoulda told the guy that the monitor WAS defective and sold him a new one... :cool:


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I agree, there are too many dumbasses out there who don't deserve to upgrade themselves with our new technology...some can't even drive still

thank god I was born with a wonderful gene to take anything eletrical apart to the last piece and put it back together perfectly, to prove this I'm typing this message on my laptop which I successfully took apart till nothing was left but the parts on the circuit boards, cleaned it out and fixed the speaker problem I had, put it all back together and works so much better after that lemonade incident :thumbsup:
the only problem I have is one screw left over...where the hell does it go? :confused:

plus I'm a great mechanic...I get this all from my dad, he's worked with honda for years when he was 17 and he now has a master's degree in eletrical engineering
I just take stuff apart and fix it...cost a hell of'a lot cheaper
I've fixed loads of shit on my 92' s10 chevy pickup 4.3L v6...I just love trucks, at least this one so I keep it running nicely


Zee Deveel
at an old job i worked at (retail...ick!), we used to have these crazy sales where all store mechandise was $1 or less. this caused mass confusion.

customer: how much is this?
me: it's a dollar.
customer: really?
me: yes.
customer: wow. this is like that commercial where the people can't believe everything's a dollar.
me: haha. yeah.......
customer: ... so how much is this?

then i stabbed her in the face. :sword: