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Headlines Guns, Germs, Steel


Was machen Sie?
Guns, Germs, Steal is a Pulitzer Prize winning book.
got time to burn? like revisiting world history, culture, evolution, or reading?

this link is pretty cool :thumbsup:

excerpt from interview with author J Diamond.
"in the book he weaves together history, biology, linguistics, and many other fields into a choerent theory."
you be the judge. enjoy!


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
I actually read it. It's not a bad book although there are some rather serious discrepancies in it.

The author changes the scientific theories he uses without explaining how or why. For example, he theorizes that Australia has no large predatory animals because as it was populated by humans they hunted them into extinction. But he never explains why the North American continent is so abudant with large predators despite the fact that, according to the book, both continents were populated at the same time and by the same density of population.

That irked me.

It is a good book. It's just not this holy grail that so many people make it out to be.