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Guy Blues


Should I Call You Jesus?
I just met this really great guy. Well I met him a year ago and we just started actually spending tie together. Now that it is getting close to summer he may have to go back home. It would be for 3 months. Which isn't bad but I just feel like getting it out how much that sucks. We just started something good and if he leaves I wonder if it will change things. Distance can suck when you are in a committed relationship. Imagine how hard it would be on something you just got going. It bites! Ok I'm done. Oh and I hate this freaking art final I have to do. I just want to go to bed.


Lay out!
I have the same problem, cept it's in high school...and they're building a new all my friends go there and i never see 'em again :thumbdn: Try to stay in touch with them, that's what i'm gonna try and do. good luck on your final :thumbsup:

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
yeh id had similar problems last year and this year. i had a bunch of friends that were seniors last year and a bunch that are seniors this year and they are going off to college. I have only stayed in contact with one of my friends from last year and the rest I haven't heard from. This sucks, but what i really fear is when I have to go off. When i leave i will lose more than when a few leave. Good luck on your final :) !