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guys, what orgasm face are you?


Banned - What an Asshat!
this isn't one of those tests where you answer shit and they tell you, with this one you have to read the thing and decide.. sorry if that's too hard or something.. :p

so which orgasm face are you.. i think i'm a mix of hulk hogan and bernie mac.. great :happysad:

this one's funny though..

The "Yeeee Haaaa!! This is the Best Sex Ever" Orgasm Face

You could be lying naked on a bed of burning embers and have no fucking idea that your flesh was cooking. Top five symptoms accompanying this orgasm face:

1. Total cognitive failure and the stoppage of time.
2. Drool trickling out of the corner of your mouth and down your chin.
3. Epileptic seizure-like body convulsions.
4. Severe muscle cramping in the hamstrings and abdominal region.
5. Eyeballs spinning like slot machines.

Also receiving votes: a surge of random screaming and cursing that would make a Tourette’s sufferer uncomfortable