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Gym class (aka Coed individual FUCK)

Alright so i'm friends with this dude in my gym class. He is a pretty decent guy, but he is a thunderously boorish fellow. He is very large and very overbearing. He also has immensely powerful BO. He means well, but his presence is occasionally overwhelming. Which would be ok, but he follows me everywhere in gym class, because i'm his closest friend in there. It makes it hard to hang out with other people in the gym class. GAH!!! I"m thinking to myself "PLEASE let me hang out with some other people too!" :(


How dare you!?
Yeah that is a tough spot. YOu want to be nice because the guy is nice and most likely doesnt have a lot of other friends. But then again you still want to hang with others. I have the same situation with a kid at my school.
Ill let ya know if i figure out a good way to get outta the situation. lol


Infected by Marburg
That's the obvious solution. Buy him some deodorant or axe for his birthday or something. Either he'll use it, or he will get the sign that you don't want him there.