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Hella Constipated
Big Erect Nipples
They Make Milk, feed babies too
Stick Your Cock Into

Ni***ers, Jews, W**backs,
People are People too, Fuck
You! America

Brian Peppers Rules
He Fucks Children, He's so cool!
Love, Michael Jackson

Pensises and Twats
The Miracle of Life Starts
Religious Right Sucks

Fuck Stupid Hotkeys
Suspend Mode While Playing Quake
It makes me angry

Fuck These Damned Hotkeys
Suspend Mode While Playing Quake
It makes me angry <----Credit to Dan Fruzzeti/Morelos July 17, 2005

***** Stole my Bike
Mike Tyson would approve you
You Stupid *****

Cartridges are cool
Black, Plastic, Silicon Chips
Like Pamela's Breasts

Just Two Dimensions
Sega Genesis Fuck Yeah!
It may Still be Art

Xtreme Marketing
Killing Everything, Even
Poor Sonic The Hedgehog


Banned - What an Asshat!
in a psuedo anti political manner, this is actually very good, if off color. If I am reading it correctly, you are making a statement against hating people of color, ect, its basically a smart ass poem. A little wierd, but, in an off color manner. In short, I do not care for the language or some of the representation, but it is rather interesting. That is why it has its own thread. Now, this could be considered a rascist poem, except for the fact that you are basically saying, fuck that. You know what I mean?


Lost Soul
Strange, random, off-pattern in form, and half-way original. I'd hate to compliment you, but that's actually not too bad, for what it is. Some of the terms we're a little.......well good thing you *'d them out. :thumbsup: