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Ah, the often unscary "holiday" we call halloween. I felt it appropriate, because that time will soon be upon us. The time to dress up in stupid costumes, ask people you don't know for candy you can't trust, maybe go out for no apparent reason and get drunk.

But what reason do you need? It's halloween. Who knows... maybe the evil spirits will be scared away by your drunken antics instead of your costume.

Seriously... I've never gotten the point of halloween. Hell, I've never gotten the point of any holiday. Sure, I used to enjoy them when I was younger... but those days are long gone. Ever since I turned 13 and my mother wouldn't let me go trick or treating anymore. It was a traumatizing moment in the life of me. :'(

This family rarely celebrates the holiday anymore. Why? Because we've all grown up and matured. Physically, anyway. With the exception of my youngest brother. He gets pissed off when I say he's 3 (he's 13, but still sits on mom's lap for christ's sake).

As I've stated somewhere way up there in this essay, I don't get the point of halloween. In fact, it is one of the most pointless holidays ever created by the twisted mind of mankind. God, I hate speaking in rhyme. I'm sure a lot of the replies I'll get for this little bitch and moan session is "Oh, come on. It's not that bad... Go out, have a good time, get drunk."

Or maybe "tl;dr". Seems more likely.

That's a tempting offer, but I think I'll pass. Why? Because in the long run I'll only end up sober again, which sucks. 300 bucks will have mysteriously vanished from my wallet, only to be replaced by a lousy 50 bucks worth of beer bottles. Funny what alcohol does to a person's bank account.


~Broken Angel~
Pfft, we can go trick or treating here in a couple weeks when u get ur ass down here. Let's go get lots of candy and tp some houses. \m/

:thumbsup: :p