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Halo 2 Online

God, what is up with the people who play Halo 2 online. Granted, it is a great game,'s still JUST a GAME! Why do people have to talk so much shit? When they win, they act like they deserve an award. Everyone talks trash to everyone else, and rarely can you be matched with a team who actually PLAYS like a team. You can't change your gamertag. Then there's the whole "Standby" button. People are actually CHEATING in the game so they can win. News Flash, but when you cheat, even if you win, you're still a loser. If you can win by using skill and tactics, thats a win. But if you press your standby button and disappear, you've lost the game regardless, because you obviously don't believe in your abilities enough to play the game fairly.

And maybe some new levels would spice things up?


They talk shit, much as most people do over the internet, because they know that there's really nothing the person on the other.. um... side, can do about it. I mean, what're they gonna do, jump through the TV/computer screen and kick your ass?


Original Dicksman
No way! Somebody taux shit, I'll shit a plasma grenade to thier nutsuck!!


If any of you guys play XBC, where people are actually half decent, PM me or send me an IM on AIM.

XBC is Jangle.