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Has anybody ever paid for sex in a strip club?


Tough guy!
I've read many internet posts about people both getting, and trying to get sex in the strip club. Some people get taken to the VIP lounge by a willing stripper, and paid to have sex right there. I wouldn't be afraid of bodyguards because they never go back there, but I wouldn't want to be recorded by the security cameras having sex.

I also read about fools continually paying strippers thousands of dollars all night trying to get sex, but the strippers never offer and just take the money. These people don't know how to ask for sex, and think that the stripper will suddenly have sex because they were given all this money.
i have seen dumb shits do that. throw money at some drug dependent floozy all night, all acting like it is some down payment on a slice of ass to be honored at the time of pig man's choosing.

allow me to say hey-all to the naw. i come up off greenbacks when we is both naked and private like. cats be trippin'.


No fucking surprise. The horror of growing up is realising so few do, the lie of adults being generally adult and not retarded, aaagh… go on the web, it's sooo easy to get sex for money (so I've found out... you can even pay to have two women kick you in the balls with heels, I would never do anything like that)
a pat on the head in verbal form is tantamount to pressing a button that removes clothing in many cases.
the verbal equivalent of a pat on the head.

surely you are familiar with such as evidenced by the outrage.

i'm doing this right, aren't i? i mean, i found this place while looking for a fight.