Have you ever been accused?


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I've had a couple of times in my life that I was accused of things that was totally untrue.

When I was about 15 and at a summer home my mother rented I had babysat for this one child about 5 or 6 years old. This child refused to to go bed. I read him books and tucked him in, but he had this obsession with this lamp. He liked plugging it in to the electric socket and unplugging it. I kept having to tell him to stop that. I even tried to put it up high but as soon as I left the room he some how managed to pull it down and continue to plug and unplug it. There weren't many places to put it and I honestly didnt' think of taking it out of the room. I got alittle annoyed with him after about the 15th time of telling him to go to bed and stop playing with the outlet. Eventually I raised my voice. I couldn't help it, he wouldn't stop or he'd scream his ass off. Apparently some nosey body outside thought she heard me scream obscenities at the boy and hit him. Told his mother right away that I was abusing her child. She came home early, paid me as agreed and told me what was being told. I tried to explain myself and how I never would have hurt or curse her child and what he was doing. She told me he likes playing with that lamp and she admits that she should have told me but isn't sure who to believe on the abuse part and told me never to come back. GRRR that little rumor stuck with me as long as I was in the area. Boy was I glad my mother stopped renting there.

Another time was at camp. I was supposed to go mountain climbing with the group but I jsut wasnt' feeling well. I felt bad for my partner so I told him I'd pack for him. I packed up his things and sent him on his way. I realized I forgot his water bottle. Oops! That's a baddy. He could get dehydrated. I ran outside but he and the group already left. SO I imediately filled it up and got it prepared for when he got back. There was no other way of getting it to him. He cam back red adn dehydrated so I gav ehim his bottle and apologized before he got the chance to say anything. He told me he had to share with someone else and that it's ok. He knew I didn't do it on purpose. Well the next day. he and two of his buddies sat me down and told me they thought I did it on purpose and planned on killing him because I was upset at somethign. One, I wasn't upset with anyone nor was there a reason to be upset. Two, this guy was really nice, why would I want to hurt him? They refused to believe that I actually forgot the bottle by accident and continued to accuse me. I was stuck! Damn dickheads. My partner didnt' say a word and let them do the talking. Later he still said he didnt' think I did anything on purpose but his friends think otherwise. He didn't know what to say. GRRRR WTH! Stick up to your buddies for goodness sake!

In fourth grade I was accused of cheating on my vocabulary quiz. There was a piece of paper under my desk my teacher pointed out. I looked at it. it was a math sheet from someone else. She refused to look at it and insisted I cheated. How do you cheat on a vocabulary quiz with math problems. I didn't even know the paper was there. I should have gone to the principal. oh well, I was young and scared of my teacher. I passed the course anyhow.

Any one else been accused of something they didn't do?


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Nothing big. When I had a job, the store manager accused me of missing so many days that it was jeapordizing my job. I told him that was a load of BS and demanded he pull up on the computer employee's attendance. It said I missed one day, when really I came in and had other managers that could justify that.

Asshole just wanted something to bitch about. :mfinger:


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People will accuse you of shit your whole life. It's just a natural instict when shit goes wrong, to blame someone else.

Yes, it sucks, but that's life.

I've been accused of more shit than I care to remember. I just shrug it off, they'll figure the truth out eventually.


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well, one thing happend today that really pissed me off.
we just had finals for honors chemistry, and one of the big things is that if you get 100% you get your name on this board with a picture. since 1995 only three pepole got the final at 100%. I was now one of them. Now, i do not do my homework, but when it counts for only 2% of your grade, why bother? Well, my teacher failed me because she thought I cheated because I never do my homework, and thustly never learn about the subject. chemistry is one of my easiest classes, i already know 95% of what she is teaching. I told her that if she wants to accuse me of cheating she will need to find some hard facts. the best that she could come up with was that I didn't use my scrap paper to find some equations. I told her, "youre failing me because I do the problems in my head?" and she said"well, if I cant do them in my head, then you definitly can't." that pissed me off. I practly screamed at her "YOURE FAILING ME BECAUSE I'M SMARTER THAT YOU?!?(my freind says there is a movie that is exactly like this, does anyone know wich?)"...

...so now I'm waiting to see the principal to file a complaint about her. you won't beleve how many teachers are appaled(sp?) by what she has done.

Another time earlier this year is when I had German, and some of the students were jewish. The first day the teacher had us talk about what we knew about germany, like all good students, we answerd with the usual remarks: oktoberfest, beer, autobahn, euro, nazis, holocaust, amd hitler. when one of the students mentoned hitler, the teacher had the nerve, knowing full well that there were four jewish students, to say 'oh, we can't forget about good ol' Hitler". three of the jewish and sevreal other students, including myself, left the classroom because we could not believe what she said. she had no sarcasin in her voice, and she didn't apoligise until the school board forced her to.
So that problem is over, and we are back in German 1, less one jewish student. and around mid-term time, she was teaching us some more german words. one of them was "Abet mach Frei (work means freedom, posted at nazi death camps)" needless to say, we went to the vice principal and up we went to the school board. she has since been replaced and is waiting for the board to hear her case.


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billybob13 said:
my freind says there is a movie that is exactly like this, does anyone know wich?)"...

It's called "The Day After." or The Day After Tomorrow. Something like that.


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tldr... I've never been accused of anything I didn't do.. My worst crime ever was vandalism (large scale) when I was like 14 and we never got busted. I was fucking retarded when I was young..