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He called me a cunt word!

Sylvia allen

Flame Bait
Hey y’all. I have this dude who got super mad when I got mean to him again. He is mean to me at times but I am more mean to him. He has wants me to Visit him oftenly Of which I am OK with it but I don’t do because he is mean to me when it comes to advances. The other day he got Super mad at me and he told Me that I have can’t like behavior and he also told me to piss off. He immediately blocked me yesterday before I replied. He just unblocked me today and I want to get back to him with a super better word or words or statement to make him feel that pain like get mad super mad at me
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The Original Fuck You Bomb
Huh,that escalated pretty quick,
someone ( Sylvia allen ) has some very thin like skin...
call him a tootsie roll dick,
or at least that's what you heard in the ladies room if that's where you go pee at that is.
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