Heaven's Love

Lady Ice

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I wrote this a while ago, but I like it and always like to get new feedback. thanks. :)

She rises up out of the ashes.
Shakes the dust from her hair,
sheds the mire from her skin.
With just a quiver, her wings expand,
fire glowing from their very tips.
She stretches them out, relishing the feeling
of rebirth and renewal,
of power and redemption.
Her eyes flash as brightly as her wings
as she takes to the skies
leaving a faint trail of smoke and desire.
She scans the landscape
looking for everything,
looking for nothing,
seeing everything,
seeing nothing.
On the edge of her vision,
something catches her attention.
Something within her mind tells
her that all is not right,
something is amiss.
She softly lands, delicately folding her wings
and approaches another of her kind,
but not the same.
This one, he is tattered,
he is torn and he is broken.
From the distance, she observes his wings,
ragged tendrils rather than glorious majesty.
His once broad shoulders, stooped in pain,
arms folded at his chest
as if to protect his heart.
His beautiful face beset by such a misery
that she could not even imagine
and could not bear to see another endure.
Her eyes meet his and within she saw
horrors unspeakable,
trust betrayed,
lives broken.
She approaches him, wanting to,
longing to, needing to
offer him some sort of comfort,
some sort of respite from the
pain dwelling within.
She gently touches his face,
feeling the coldness radiating
from a cheek that has seen too many tears.
He looks into her eyes again,
saying nothing,
but somehow saying, “Please, help me.”
She pulls him closer to her,
Bringing his head to the warmth,
the safety and the comfort of her breast.
She feels him sigh so deeply
that perhaps all of Heaven could feel
the exhale of one so tragic.
She wraps her arms around him,
pulling him closer,
wrapping her wings around him,
hoping to warm his barren heart.
He sinks into her breast,
his heart quickening, the scent of
fire and smoke and lust surrounding her.
She strokes his hair, softly runs
her fingers along the edges of his ears.
His breath upon her breast makes her shudder.
He slips his hands around her waist
as she holds him tighter.
He kisses her chest, remembering how
it once was, so close, so real.
She lets him do as he wishes,
hoping, praying that the contact
will repair the damage done to such
a beautiful, such a perfect ethereal being.
She murmurs to him,
reassuring him,
wanting him more than she cared to admit.
Her words, her touch, her scent
release pain from his body
and sorrow from his heart.
How was it possible that they,
who had been created before time
and would exist beyond its end
would happen upon each other just now?
It has to be His plan.
Her heart pleads to him,
to stop the constant punishment
of his own making;
to stop the constant loathing
of the one tragic mistake
made in a time of
youth and inexperience.
Her entire being aches with the knowledge
of his self crucifixion, repeated over and over
day in and day out,
century after century,
eon after eon.
He had forgotten that his burden
was not his to carry alone,
forgotten to give everything unto Him
and be released from the chains
of sin, regret and despair.
He looks up into her eyes, once again,
seeing his salvation, his redemption,
his return to grace and glory.
He kisses her lips,
feeling the burning fire
that is her.
Her words weave together the rendered
fibers of his wings, restoring his majesty,
renewing that which had been torn asunder.
As two seraphic beings become one,
the Heavens cry out with joy
and a smile is upon His face
as one who was lost is brought back into the fold
by the promise of absolute,
perfect and eternal love.
He lays his head back upon her chest,
closes his eyes and rests,
feeling safe for the first time in what could
only be described as eternity.
Her soft fingertips, her strength of spirit
calm the nightmares of the millennia,
the horrors of war
and deceit
and love lost
he has witnessed.
Two the same, yet so different.
She wrapped her wings
around him tightly,
her eyes flashing with a flame
of passion and protection,
daring anyone to harm
that which was now hers
and hers alone.
He arose from her,
standing tall, proud, restored.
His white wings glimmering
against the silvery glow of the moon.
Broken no more,
he rises into the sky once more,
perhaps for the first time
in a span beyond human comprehension.
He beckons her to join him,
rising upon her own wings
of flame and revitalization,
contrasting with his ivory wings
of truth and dedication.
They rise, together,
a sight unmatched by anything
in the universe.
Taking their spot at the base
of His throne,
a symbol for eternity
of love everlasting.


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I thought it was pretty interesting, Quite long, you obviously took quite long on it. :thumbsup:

Lady Ice

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Thanks. I did take a while on it.

I need to write some new stuff. Just haven't had the muse slap me around much lately.

Lady Ice

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shaekatherine said:
I'm not much of a really long poem reader. But from what I did read it was very good.

I have shorter stuff. Usually my poems aren't this long. I'll post up something shorter. ;)

tiger_86 - thanks! :)