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Heavy Eyelids/Duality


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Welcome to life after three A.M./
No better time to contemplate who~I~am/
I love my fam and I've got good friends/
On occasion we all struggle just to meet ends/
But I don't go hungry, clothes on my back/
Not designer but nobody says that I look whack/
I'm pretty happy with my life but I must say that/
I can never get to sleep until the moon's gone past/

My mindset changes, I've got two brains~es/
One feels unique and the other feels strange, is/
there a difference or am I just really insane, this/
Can't be the fist time I've been alive/

It's like my blood flows different than others do/
Not just a different drum, a different instrument too/
Maybe it's because I've never put down my roots/
That I can't sleep, it's not that I've got the spooks/
It's like I work on two levels, on of them's real/
The other's beyond what human beings can feel/
Maybe there's another me out~in~space/
Wondering why he always feels out~of~place/

I long for something but I don't know what/
I can't stop thinking about it, so I just stay up/
Maybe it's somewhere that I need to be/
Maybe it's a person that I need to see/
Does life have a manual? I need to read/

I can't shake this feeling, my mind's always reeling/
My concious wanders 'til it hits a glass ceiling/
More questions than answers from what it's revealing/
Train of thought faster than my emotions are dealing/
I guess that when I drift off, I sleep so deeply because/
I get bruised up in my mind, when I'm sleeping, I'm healing/

If I shut the window, it's too hot to sleep/
If I open it up, it's too loud on the street/
So I stay up and write words over a beat/

Insomniac is a word used to describe it, but/
Sleepless nights, the medicine to perscribe it can't/
Be used for long periods to lower my eyelids, but/
The the warning's easier/
Than the symptoms, I just don't mind it/


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I wrote this before I went to sleep as well...

My brain is a too dark for my ideas to be seen/
Thoughts swinging back and forth like flashlight beams/
Soon as it's lit up, I get stuck with dead batteries/
I'm not living up to my potentional/
I can feel it, day dreaming, I swear I've got wings/

I just took a shower and I've got clean sheets/
I don't lack blankets I just lack sleep/
I drank warm milk and I've been counting sheep/
My alarm's about to go off, now this looks bleak

I hear bushes and trees, howling with the breeze/
My family slumbers all night and awakens with ease/
I'm so sleep deprived, I dream about catching Z's/

Seems every time I'm about to close my eyes/
Inspiration strikes and I'm writing my lines/
Manipulating pens instead of R.E.M./
Rapid Eye Movement escaping me yet again/


Dreaming to live
Nice poem.
It's strange how your brain works at that time of night. I come up with a lot of pie-in-the-sky, million dollar schemes while in that state of mind. Then I go to sleep, wake up, and find a thousand flaws in the plan. Sad for me, good for everyone else. :p


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
dustinzgirl said:
Are you planning on putting these to music? They would be good that way.
I don't know. I'm working on an EP (make fun of me all you want) with my DJ, this could be on it (although not in its present form). I don't think so, though.