WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Go And Die
Holy crap man!!!

i cant belive people arnt making fun of the "howdy" that is a total flame target man you got off lucky

anyways welcome to the site CHICKEN FUCKER!! BAAKAAWWK!!

yeah i just watched super troopers.....


®åvïñg §hëêþðhò£íç
OMFG HE SAID HOWDY WHAT A NOOB. is that what your looking for?

oh and btw hewwo
welcome to wtf, dont let them get to you, there are actually some nice ppl here. I try to be nice, but even i gotta bitch sometimes. so in short have a good time and tell someone to fuckoff every day...its good for your heart...and...uh... :fuckoff: and have a good day