How dare you!?
ok some of you might remember that i moved up to central maine about a 4 months ago now. Well i have hated it ever sence. I am about an hour from where i used to live but i hate my new school and everything about where i live now.
When i was with a friend of mine and his family a couple days ago they mentioned living with them for my senior year. At first i didnt think that the idea would work. But i am really depressed up here and if i could graduate with my class and from my school it would really mean the world to me. To see my old friends and blah blah.. it goes on.. but i just dont know what this would truely intail, and what i would need to do.
They already gave me the ok my parents are alright with it so far. But i dont know what i would need to do to get back in the old school.
Any ideas? help anyone done such a thing or known someone that did. Please help me out guys

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You would only need to unregister from your current school, which would require your parents to sign transfer forms, then you would need to register with your original school and get your guardians in that school's area to sign the forms for registration at that school. As far as the actual school transfer part goes, that's all that you would need. The only other thing you would have to consider is how often you would see your parents etc and how your living situation would work out.

Good luck


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if i were you i would do it, start out next year so you don't go in during the middle of your senior year. like me for instance, im gonna be moving out of my house in 6 months and transfering to another school in the middle of mine and i will have no friends but whatever i don't care. so yeah my advice is if everyone is cool with it do it.


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Ok, so I'm new here and I don't know your story. But I have been through my own personal shit in life and got's two cents to chip in. Then again, this is the fucking internet so it's not like I'm qualified or even need to be so take it for what it's worth. I don't even know what you're graduating from but I'm guessing it's high school.

Graduating with your class is kinda pointless. My graduating class was a bit over 500 people. At my 10 year reunion 75 of them showed up. The 5 people I was tightest with when I graudated I haven't ever even seen again. And we were TIGHT. I'm talkin' stoned in the bathroom at lunch, going skiing, ripping off each other's work, stealing the other guy's car and basically doing anything and everything together for 3 years. And the thing is, I've talked to a LOT of people who are in the same boat... 10 years after graduation they don't even talk to the people they were closest too.

I have no freakin' clue why you moved to where you did. Chances are it was because of some sort of shit. You were fuckin' up or someone else was fuckin' you up right? I'm not going to tell you how important your education is because you probably won't learn jack diddly shit in highschool. BUT your high school transcripts are gonna be the basis for the rest of your life. You got good lookin' scripts you get scholarships and acceptance to a good college. You got a degree from a good college you get a good job. Yes, there are the folks out there who beat those odds but they're few and far between.

Yes, it's a load of shit that what you do at 16-18 will for the most part determine the dirrection for the rest of your life. But that's how it works. You want a good job with good $$ you need a degree from a good college which means you have to have a good highschool transcript.

One other thing. You hate where you're at? Why? Because it's not where you were? So fucking what? If you want to hate where you are you'll hate it. If you want to like it, you'll like it. There's nothing special about where you were that where you are can't match. It's just different. You can't go someplace new and expect it to be the same as the old place. It's the new place, accept that and see what else it's got to offer.

That's just my two cents. Then again I've only ever been there. I got moved to a new place when I was in highschool and frankly, looking back, I wish I'd been moved to a new school. A fresh start and all of that. Nobody knows me, nobody knows my past and I could have made a clean break and started clean. Instead I just got shuffled to a new spot but was in the same situation so I had to deal with my shit AND a new place. It sounds to me like you got a new start man... take it and fuckin' run!


How dare you!?
ok heres the deal... i moved because the folks made me they wanted to move. I moved right after the first quarter of my junior year was underway. The move was nothing to do with me.
I would very much like to move back not only to graduate with my class. I know that once i graduate everything will be differnt. The main reasons are (not excluding what i have said) that my school now is really messed up i really dont like it. just to graduate they make you do a ton of stupid shit. They dont even have numerical grades. Its really screwed up. if your cuirious here's the site
but alright. The only thing that is worrieing me is if it will be as easy as just unregistering at my school now and registering back at my old one. Where i am not emansipated (sp?) and only going to be 18 and not legally living in waterboro even if i move in with a friend. In order to move into a new school one of the things you must show is proof of residency and where i would only be living with a friend i believe that i would need to get specail permission from super intendent. Because the family i would be moving in with wouldnt be my legal gardeins. (once again sp?)
Thats why im asking if anyone has done it. I have already made up my mind i am gonna try to do it i just need some pointers on anything i might have forgotten or what i should look into... but thanks for the help so far much apprecaited!
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