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The simple thing is i feel like shit. Life at home has been really crap (my mums pregnant and can be a right bitch and my sister aint any betta). On top of that my dad left and i now can't talk to anyone. I feel that my life is crashing around me and sometimes i dunno why i live. Im sooo depressed. Im hoping that i can get through this but i need some advice of how to. Please help me with this because i don't know how much longer i can take it.

from Danielwazza

P.S Please only reply to this thread if you want to help me not demorilise me!
well when your mom is pregnent she will tend to have mood swings, so you got to get used to that. Why cant you talk if your dads not their? Kinda pontless.


How old is your mom and what does she look liike?

All kidding aside, it's going to be hell, there is nothing you can do about it.


All kidding aside, you don't have many problems. Just tuff it out even though it seems like you have a lot of shit to deal with, deal with it. ;)


oh dear oh dear

the troubles we go through when we are young

1. there is always somebody to talk to. aim me if you want ickadotnu im usually on private but you can message me if you ever want to talk

woman are fickle - as you get older you will realize this more and more. there is nothing you can do to change there cunt ways. they are born with it. i would know since im a chick. you need to learn how to cope with it since it will never change. im sure your mother is acting extra raggy since she is pregnant.

there is no advice that anybody can give you to make you feel better. i think what you need to do is have somebody to vent to, tell your problems to them. sort things out. im not sure how you deal with your mother but i can tell you stressing and arguing about it wont make anything better. just roll your eyes (so she cant see) and do what she says. once you can move out things will be so much better. good luck with things sorry if i rambled a bit


Kiss my Converse
don't you have any good friends to fall back on? Thats always a good place to start. I'm guessing that since you made a desperate plea in cyberspace that maybe you don't.
Anyway, the best thing I can tell you is to just push through it. Part of being a man means that sometimes you have to stand alone. I know that sucks, but that is how the world is sometimes.
If you do reach rock bottom, just don't do anything stoopid. It can't rain all the time.


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Buying a dog/cat should help to solve youre problems :redface: nono siriously,
Mans best friend is a animal to its side :happysad:



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=User_Name= said:
Buying a dog/cat should help to solve youre problems :redface: nono siriously,
Mans best friend is a animal to its side :happysad:

im thinking if they don't have a lot of money they can't afford to feed a pet.

Yeah life sucks right now... but :)

You are going to have to deal and grow up a little bit faster. Some of us have too. Just realize that when you get older you don't want this to be your life and push to make it better. The harder you try and the better choices you make as a person will mean smoother sailing ahead.

But before you reach that place you are going to get knocked on your ass. I am guessing you don't have many friends, eh... sucks, but join the club.

Realize this, no one will care for you as much as yourself, and only you can help yourself. I know it seems silly but it is the truth. It is not to say that people around you don't care... because they do.

You don't need other people to be there and tell you it ok. You know it is going to be alright, cause you won't let it get to you. You can't. If your going to live a tuff life, better grow some thick skin....

Your dad left ya, lots of people fathers leave. It is tuff, DEAL. Lots of people never knew their dads, lots of people fathers died and plain out lots of people have hard life.

Look up and realize that it won't always be so bad... Life is what YOU make of it. Lead a good one and don't let nothing stop ya,

best words i got for ya.


=User_Name= said:
Buying a dog/cat should help to solve youre problems :redface: nono siriously,
Mans best friend is a animal to its side :happysad:

He's right, pets are great to have. Studies have even shown that they'll lower your blood pressure.

And like _Kitana_ said, life is what you make of it. If you have a problem, ask yourself what you're doing to change it. If you're not doing anything to help make it better, you're helping to perpetuate the problem, aren't you?