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Here is something FUN and EXCITING---not really though, car rant


Banned - What an Asshat!
So, this morning I wake up, get the kids together, get myself together and head out for another happy joy joy fucking day at my stupid fucking ass raping job. Yay for me. So, I drop my babies off at school, and go to the gas station to buy smokes. I buy smokes, come back, and my car doesnt work. So I call CL from a pay phone. At the pay phone I stepped in a gross mudpuddle in white dress shoes. CL comes and gives me a jump start. The car runs. i get on the freeway. The car stops running. Then I walk three miles home. Now I have to go buy a new battery and an alternator.

New Battery; 70$
New Altenator; 65$
Getting to walk three miles in 20 degree weather wearing white heels and a dress: Priceless.

Yay for me.


the short crazy one
Nice...Sorry deary. If I was there, I would have carried you home! Hopefully you're not walking to buy the battery and altenator in your cute little get up.

Big E

burner of random shit
Ouch that sucks ass atleast you got to enjoy your smokes on the way home every cloud has a silver lining cheer up :) :thumbsup:


Banned - What an Asshat!
littleone said:
Nice...Sorry deary. If I was there, I would have carried you home! Hopefully you're not walking to buy the battery and altenator in your cute little get up.

I dont think your tiny ass could carry me that far, but it would be funny too see!


That really sucks horse dick. I would gladly carry you all the way.


Banned - What an Asshat!
So now Im home, and I am 5 hours late for work. I called in, but they want me to go into work. Im tired and dont feel like it, so Im not going too. Mabye they will fire me? I can only hope!


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
A gal in a white dress can't hitch a ride in winter? Man, you must be ugly. :p
I know how you feel, I've flattend my battery down to the bone 2 times these past 2 weeks the first time when I got in to drive to an appointment with the mechanic! I also had the pleasure of getting my rego renewed... all up a cost of about $1300- 6 months worth of savings.:D


A Rampant Vagitarian
I am experiencing some major frustration over my car.

Las tuesday I drove my car to school, when suddenly a huge clang and there is no power transmitted to the wheels. A quick glance under the car, and the fault is found. Driveshaft has popped out. Now how the fuck does that happen. I have taken out a few driveshafts in my life and that has always meant practically dismantling half of the front end (or rear depending on issue)..
But so, off it was. -3 degrees celsius and I was out there, 2 kilometers from my school. I pushed it to a very good parking spot, on the side of the road, on a sidewalk. And the I walked to school. After two hours I return to the car, call a towing truck and call a repairman (as i have no place to fix it here in the city) . The car is towed to the repair, I pick up the needed parts and deliver them to the man-o-repair.

Two days after, and the slow piece of shit is finally together (after several times searching the world for some weird pieces, and finally machining them myself). I drive it of the repair shop, pay the fee, and then. BANG_Clang_fockmeintheear, The car stalls again. A quick glance under the hood and it is again diagnosed. The driveshaft is off.
I start to look for some other reasons for it to fall apart every second. A true dick-in-the-forehead- moment. The bolt that keeps the engine in place has fallen off and the engine rocks like a autistic person on E. That is why the driveshaft pops out. I push the car the five meters i had driven, back to the repairshop.
yippee i thought. After the coming weekend my car will be back to normal again.

but nooooo.

The parts that have once again broken in the inner driveshaft are nowhere to be bought, it appears I bought the only ones in the goddamn city. This was monday. The repairman orders the pieces and I continue to walk in the blizzards of fleet everyday.

Now it is wednesday, the car has been on the shop for 8 days. I am thinking of hitting the car with a baseball-bat, then burning it, burrying it, burning the land it was burried on, take the piece of land with car, and shooting it to outer space, and then again burning it.