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Fresh Meat
It's so true. Life sucks and then you die :sword: . Why wait for the shit to hit the fan? Why not end it while you still can, before you start to like living too much and then all this shit happens and it's just... fuck. I'll tell you why. It's because we think, "Oh, it can't happen to me. I'm impervious to God and the fact that he hates me because I can die." Guess what? WE'RE NOT!!! Everything that can and does happen to everybody else, just might happen to you. Give up that idiot delusion that things won't go wrong for you because you're you. Just... get over it. :(


What was the point of this thread. This is the second one I have seen where the author says "oh it's true, life really does suck, and then you really do die!" Umm, we already know this, there's no need to agree with what the forum's title is...