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::here with out you::


::here without you:: :(

I was awake all night
Just watching you sleep
Sleeping so peacefully
Dreaming of him
Wishing for him

i can never compete
For you with him
You love him
He loves you
How could I win?

From light to dark
And dark to light
I just watched
Knowing I can never have you

Never to call you mine
This i understand
This i wish was not so
I think of you
And your smile

The smiles you have
Are all because of him
Your sweetest dreams are
Of him and you

i wish for something more
a wish which will never come true
a wish which is only a dream

i wish you the best
With him or without him
i know i can never have you
Ever if you were not with him

You are two good for me
To beautiful
To sweet
To lovely
To live without you
Is what I must face
Ever day and ever night