Here's to you Supes....


Mr. Ee
Well, Christopher Reeves passed away yestarday.

It seems like so many icons from our youth (Dangerfield, Rick James, etc) are just disappearing, and all these n00bs that come along are just too lame to actually stick around any longer than their five minutes of fame.

Fly-by-night heart-throbs,
Fly-by-night alternative bands who attempt to keep trends such as Nirvana's grunge alive
Sitcom stars.
Not all, but many Rap Artists.
These teeny bopper actors in "scary" movies.
Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Also alot of things you see these days, are re-creations from past trends, that were awesome, and kept alive in our mind, but not seen on the market anymore, and then bam, what happens? They bring it back to make a couple extra bucks off of decent things that died out. I believe alot of the stuff from the times we're in now, won't be remembered like our past inventions.

Example, using music....

I think in 20 years, Korn, or Godsmack, or some of these newer bands (Not saying I don't like them!!!) won't be brought up, but for some reason, music even older than that, for instance Black Sabbath, will still be talked about by the kiddies.

That's what I think, but hey, I'm tired, 3 hours of sleep, still a bit buzzed from along night of drinking, so my opinion might be too vague, or make no sense at all.

Long live Superman. Keep the past alive.


Teh SUx
yea that sux

Yea that sucks he died at age 52.
Its sad he died he, he was a great super hero actor on t.v.
Didnt he die from a disease or somthing, because 52 is too young.
Im going to fuck up that horse that he was riding, LOL.
And by the way he died today.