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hey.. try this...


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ok so this is something that has gotten my thinking from time to time.. mostly because I like to cook... What the fuck inspired some foods? I can understand basic foods like grown crops or animals came from necessity, I'm talking more of recipies...

take for instance butter... who came up with the idea to churn milk for like 40 hours untill it formed butter?

mayonase... someone said "hey, lets beat the shit out of some eggs in vegitable oil untill it turns into a white goo and put it on stuff..".

sausage.. lets jam a shit ton of meat into the bowels of a pig and cook it...

alcohol was an accident or at least most historians agree... the nomadic types going around with fruit juices in thier skins(early canteen), in the heat caused fermentation..

sushi.. I can only guess someone didnt have a way to start a fire..

escargot... ok I know there are better things to eat in france then snails..

marshmallo... ok how did this exactly come to be? was it something like a cheese doodle that was a byproduct of a failed military invention?


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First off... rep'd darklight! LOL.

Next yeah I've thought about some of these. Imagine the first poor bastards.

"Umm.. sprinkle some of that broken up rock on it!"


"Umm.. well try that mushroom"

AHHHH.. falls over dead.

"Well... trust me... try this rock all broken up on it! It's good!"

"Hey.. that's pretty good. What do you call it?"


It's amazing to think about the original people just trying every fucking nutty thing they could think of, all so we eat good now. Weird shit.


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yeah well like I said basic concepts aside..... its more of recipe oriented... why did they mix this that and the other thing to make a food we enjoy.. alot of common recipies can be easily explained but what about say mustard... that is made from the mustard seed vinegar and other ingredients..


The answer to all you questions is Wikipedia. Billybob already addressed them though.


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spose I didnt expect the internetsweb to be able to so easily answer my questions on recipe origines... fuck... any others peeps dont know where they started?