Hinting for a breakup


Fresh Meat
So heres the deal, i started goin out with this guy from my camp, we hadnt seen each other in a while, but we had been talkin for a long time. i finally got to see him last sunday, and it was so much fun. the strange thing is that he asked me later that day if my opinion changed of him now seeing him in person. i said no becuase i've known him and i knew what he looked like before and that would be shallow. I asked him if he was hinting anything and he said he was JW, then the next day he asked what i would say he he said i love you, and i told him its to early to say those words, then last night i was talkin to him online adn the first thing he says is that we wishes he were a better boyfriend, and when i ask him y, he said bcuz hes an ass, and i ask him what he did he wont tell me, then he starts gettin an attitude, and tell me hes upset with his friend. I tell him not to take it out on me cuz im not the one hes mad at. Then he tells me "its your own damn fault, you should have stayed with your bitch azz laf ( another person that i was talking to LAST YEAR). Then he signs off, then he signs back on and starts appoligizing and blaming it on his stress. i was like i aint havin this, that was RUde and INSULTING. and hes says i understnad if u want to break up.....and then it clicks* he wants me to get mad, and insist hes a bad boyfriend so ill break up with him and he doesnt have to do it, hes like no id rather get :gun: shot than do that to uy u think that? IM like well i been gettin dis vibe from u all week u think i just pulled this out my ass? i hate him right now but im still with him, i dont want to give him the satistfaction of me breakin up with him, he should be a man and do it himself. what shouldi do to get revenge?
:confused: :( he makes me sad, he took out his anger on me even though its not my fault, and he blamed it on me.


Evil Fluffy says: I PEE IN YOUR SHOES!
sounds like this guy needs either a good slap in his ass or a good shrink. Sounds like he's got some serious rejection issues. Ask him again why he thinks he's a bad boyfriend. If he has no reason then tell him he needs to trust you. He needs to trust that you actually like him aand want to be his girlfriend. But he needs to stop this low self esteem crap or he's the one sabotaging this relationship and you have nothing to do with it. Tell him you'll break up with him on your own terms and not because he tells you to but that there's no reason for you to break up with him as far as you can see right now. At least you realize that it's not you that he's angry at. He's afraid of rejection so he's sabotaging the relationship so you'll break up with him and it saves him from the heartache of breaking up later after he's attached more. Love hurts but it's worth working for the good stuff. All he seems to see is the bad stuff. Sucks too, cause he's the one missing out.


well what you need to do i confront him on the issue.
then what ask him what his troubles are.
try that and then see what happens.
then psot it and we will all try to help you, cause thats what we do in this area.


Dump him. It sounds like your about 12 years old so what the fuck does it matter anyway?


I was going to say 14 or 15. He;s not looking to break up. He's looking for reassurance that he's not a bad boyfriend. He's just getting mad when you're not giving him that.