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Hip Hop and Adult Swim fans, this thread is for you


I'm sure everone on the internet has heard of DJ Danger Mouse, the creator of the Grey album. Now, if you're into underground hip hop at all, you should also recognize MF Doom as the brilliant English rapper who has released such amazing albums as Mmm...Food, Operation Doomsday and Madvillainy(under his Madvillian moniker, in conjunction with Madlib.)

If you've never heard of MF Doom, well, you either listen to shitty hip hop or live under a rock. That's ok though, I've provided Amazon links above, to pages that contain samples.

These two artist have come together with Adult Swim to release a new album called Danger Doom - The Mouse and The Mask, which is due out October 11th. A lot of people are excited about this, and with good reason. This is good hip hop, not the trash you hear on MTV or the radio. This isn't 50 Cent, Nelly or any of that other garbage, this is good, intelligent and melodic hip hop.

So far I've been able to dig up a few articles, and interviews are starting to pop up here and there. An article was just posted on one of my favorite sites.

Danger Mouse, MF Doom Ready Dangerdoom LP

Jonah Flicker reports:
There's nary an MC as prolific while being consistently "dope" as the one MF Doom ("Definition: super villain, a killer who loves children"). And hot-shit producer Danger Mouse has been on a roll since that whole Grey Album fiasco, more recently taking the reins for Automator in Gorillaz. So why in the good lord's name should these two forces not take a cue from the Wu and form "like Voltron"? Perhaps because two men does not a Voltron make. Or does it just make Li'l Voltron?

It looks like we're about to find out. Whispers have been wafting on the hip-hop winds for some time now, but finally the news is official: October 11th will mark the release of Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask, a co-release between Epitaph Records and Adult Swim. Wait, what's the connection with the Cartoon Network's most popular feature? Well, it's weirdly cross-promotional. According to the press release, the record will feature voices and skits from shows like "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Sealab 2021". This, of course, is no different from all the other live-action comic book samples that have made routine appearances on Doom's records, only now they help sell TVs. So that's good.

There's not exactly a shitload of information on the sound of the record yet, but several guest MCs have been announced, including Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, and Ghostface. There is, however, lots of related news, like how Danger Mouse has that Gnarls Barkley project in the works with Cee-Lo, and how Doom is said to be working on a record with Ghostface (and, oh yeah, how that crummy Fantastic Four movie-- featuring the menace of one metal-faced "Victor Von Doom"-- is still shitting all over the children). Time and repeat listens will tell if any of these meetings of minds and rhymes will be as fruitful as the Madlib/Doom collaboration, Madvillainy, but until then, you can get out your chromium alloy masks, hide ya face, and always, always hold the mic double-clutch.

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* Epitaph:
Some more information I culled from the forums.
Availability: available for pre-order only
Release date: 10-10-2005
Number of Discs: 1
Catalogue Number: PRERELCD
Label: LEX

The Cartoon Network has teamed with Epitaph Records and Lex Records to release the debut album from DangerDoom, a collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and Spitkicker MC, MF Doom. The concept album, 'Adult Swim Presents DangerDoom', features soundclips and newly recorded bits starring characters from several Adult Swim shows.

The album, a highly conceptual one, centres on a pair of masked superhero mice –Dangerdoom – who fight crime. The mice also live in the same neck of the woods as several, characters from Adult Swim cartoons including Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman.
DJ Danger Mouse may be best known for breaking mash-ups into the mainstream with his Jay-Z meets the Beatles project, the Grey Album. He's worked on a many things after that, but nothing that garnered the same press.

Now, Danger Mouse is teaming up with the Cartoon Network and their Adult Swim line of shows for an album combining new music and clips from the Adult Swim shows. In collaboration with rapper MF Doom, the album will be called [Adult Swim] Presents DangerDoom, and you can look for it in September.

Apparently Danger Mouse and Doom play superhero mice in the musical concept album. Yes, we thought the "concept album" was over 20 years ago as well. Hopefully, between the gags and TV show clips, there'll be room for some music, too. :
Dangerdoom Dives In Adult Swim
May 06, 2005

As if producing for the Gorillaz wasn't enough animated mayhem for one lifetime, Danger Mouse is currently working with fellow cartoon aficionado MF Doom and Adult Swim on the latest in the Doom-plus-other-dude series, Dangerdoom. Doom is no stranger to extensive backstories for his records (e.g. time-traveling Viktor Vaughn and intergalactic King Geedorah), but this is on some other, other ****. Apparently the protagonists of this concept record are two masked mice (Dangerdoom) who live in the same neighborhood as certain Adult Swim characters, some of whom will contribute to the record. It has not been disclosed if Meatwad gives some shout outs or MC Peepants drops a hot verse about candy, but this record is already guaranteed to be the strangest crossover since the Kid 'N' Play animated series. Adult Swim is fully behind this project (which we guess means they won't sue for samples), though how the record will be utilized on their program is unclear. What is clear is that Schoolly D, the man behind the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song, must spit a hot bar or two. It is so necessary.
Retail cover:

Promo cover:

I can't wait until this comes out, I've already pre-ordered my copy at the local record store. I just wish October would get here a lot sooner.


wow thats sweet, ill have to buy that, the grey album (witch i have) was awesome. and i watch adult swim every night almost


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I'm drooling as we speak.


Had a listen to both MF Doom and Danger Mouse's Grey Album after reading your post... i dont mind DM, but i have to say i prefer Doom... =P

That said, i dont really listen to this style of music, im more into rock etc... however i think the album will be an interesting style and will have a listen when it comes out over here.

Quick question, is Danger Mouse Jay Z ? Listening to the Grey Album lyrics i immediately thought of him... ? If anyone wants to clear that up, cheers. :)

**Thanks for clearing it up, Junglizm**


gummi_ said:
Quick question, is Danger Mouse Jay Z ? Listening to the Grey Album lyrics i immediately thought of him... ? If anyone wants to clear that up, cheers. :)
No, Danger Mouse is a producer/DJ that took acappellas from Jay-Z's black album and beats/samples from the Beatle's White Album and remixed them.