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Hockey, motherfuck?

  • I play hockey sometimes and I love it

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • I played hockey a few times and I hate it

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • I never played

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • I watch NHL hockey and love it

    Votes: 2 13.3%

  • Total voters
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Chaotic Neutral
Ever played hockey? Ever watched hockey? Do you like it, or not?

Some hockey players are fucking amazing. I don't know if you ever saw Mario Lemieux top goals, but he could deke 2 defensemen, get hooked, fall on the ice, deke the goalie while on the ice and shoot it top corner.

Hockey's not "just a lame canadian sport". If you don't know how to skate, you're missing something. It's really cool to play a hockey game with friends during the winter, but it's also nice to watch a NHL game (go habs go!)

Also, if you don't like the game, may I ask why? For example, I don't like to watch baseball cause it's too fucking long between the pitches and it gets real boring and slow.

Go habs go! Fuck the leafs

edit: oh yeah im a noob (kinda tired) so I accidentally pressed send and the poll is fucked up. Doesn't matter though, you like hockey or not?


Theoretical Realist
Hockey is an amazing sport if you look at it objectively. Skating on ice, turning, stopping, changing direction, skating backwards. It's so exhausting line changes occur every 90 seconds or so. Then take into account the skill it takes to "catch" the puck on your stick, maneuver while keeping control and passing it with accuracy. And it's been said the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a baseball. Yeah, said by a baseball player. I remember watching Wayne Gretzky and thinking to myself, here's a guy my size and weight (6 ft 185 lbs) just doing unbelievable things on the ice. One of his linemates, I think it was Jarri Kurri, remarked that he would be skating near the goal, Gretzky would have the puck with two defensemen in between them. Gretzky would flick the puck toward him, Kurri would look down and it would be on his stick- all he had to do was shoot it in the empty net. Even he was amazed at the skill. Gretzky did this all the time. Best goal I have ever seen was when the LA Kings goalie tried to flip the puck out of his zone, and Gretzky swung at it, waist high, like a batter and absolutely lined right past the goalie's shoulder into the net. Like hitting a knuckleball with a hockey stick while on skates and connecting perfectly. Unbelieeeeevable.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Hockey is very fun. I am a natural at it (I am a naturally good skater and an atheletic type), a better defender than scorer. I am an excellent goalie (when I used to play street hockey I'd be the first or second pick, people wanted me as their goalie), I've never played organized hockey though. If it weren't so hard to watch (tiny puck!) I'd watch it as well.


I play fantasy hockey, does that count?

I have a good squd this year, so I watch highlights on ESPN, but for the most part its a Canadian sport. I cant watch it on TV, Its like watching Golf. But Live games are fun. I play most other sports and watch them as well, but i hate cold ice hitting my ass (cause I cant skate on those for some god awful reason). :shiner:


I have played it in winter time. On a lake in the woods, with a bunch of players just for fun. I don't like sports that much, but icehockey like we call it is at least a little bit fun. Because there are a team of referees.
No dictatorship of the referee like there is with soccer.
Another point is, the lads are switched from time to time which gives an high tempo to the game. It means they are fucked up a bit sometimes, but it's also nice to watch them going into a boxmatch with another from time to time. :D No game for sissies anyway.

In the 70's there was made a kind of slapstick movie about it, with 3 Canadian guys which allways made a bloody mess of it. Really great fun!

I allways loved it when the Ruskies beat the Yankees.. :p
Best keeper: Tretjak.
i haven't played, only cause i'm a girly girl, but my nephews play it. its amazing watching the advancement of the sport. they are still yuong, but damn! my older nephew is 12, watching his games has become unreal, sometimes i yell myself horse. he plays defense, and is awesome. my younger nephew is 10, he plays forward or a wing, he's increadable, but he is good at any sort you put him in. even his division is getting really good to watch, although they are lil shits and are always making illegal checks, hooks, etc. my nephew is in the penalty box a lot. he also made the adams division team, thats a younger version of rep.
i watch it on tv as well, but i'm a northern girl, hockey is in our blood, everyone starts playing at 5years of age or younger.
Being born in England, I didn't really get into hockey until about the age of eight, mostly playing road hockey. So even though I am not really the best at it, I consider it to be one of the three best sports in the world, up there with football (European, not American), and either Lacrosse or American football (I haven't decided yet). In fact, my little brother is shooting a tennis ball against the wall right now.
RedOctober said:
Best keeper: Tretjak.
Bullshit, best keeper: Roy, Sawchuck, or Esposito (maybe Brodeur, maybe).
I used to watch hockey occasionally. I never really got into it, though.

And I don't play, the main reason being because I suck at sports.:happysad:


Local alcoholic
Hockey is a great game to play and watch,i do both. Rage:they tried to brainwash me as a child to support the habs.I broke out and now i follow the better team,Go leafs:thumbsup:


You're my number two
shep said:
Hockey is a great game to play and watch,i do both. Rage:they tried to brainwash me as a child to support the habs.I broke out and now i follow the better team,Go leafs:thumbsup:
I like when they bust each others teeth in and shit chicklets. :thumbsup:
shep said:
Hockey is a great game to play and watch,i do both. Rage:they tried to brainwash me as a child to support the habs.I broke out and now i follow the better team,Go leafs:thumbsup:
leafs, pfft, GO CANUCKS!
i love our team, although, they always choke in the playoffs, which pisses me off every year. oh well, still great to watch.