HOLY SHIT! NEg repped for being severely depressed!

Captain 151

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WOO depression ROOLS!!!

Seriously though, I eat threads like this for breakfast. The only thing this is missing is some worthwhile syrup. Where is the sustinence?

Hey, sorry about your neg rep and everything.


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reaperofsorrow said:
I too am usually severely depressed and I have found people here aren't very understanding. I feel for ya.

Once, long ago, everyone was understanding, and kind, and considerate. Then we killed those pussies and took over the site. Now, if you are really depressed and need to talk about something, I would recommend the Dearly Detested forum, where I moderate. However, as I have no control in Life sucks, I cant help you out.

Skitch is an assmonkey. Dont let his negativity effect you. Simply posting this post about negative rep is frustrating to me. Posts about rep are looked down upon as a way to up your post count without being or saying anything witty, funny, or important.

mmm....cheese, if you are seriously depressed, posting about your neg rep wont help you. Get the bitch back by flaming in b/t or negative repping him, but dont cry to us about rep. We want to hear why you are depressed, not so we can make fun of you, but so that we can examine your pain. We feed off of it like vampires. Im just kidding. But you see how posts about negative rep annoy, well, everyone?

Let me know if you have further questions or concerns.