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hopeless romantic

I'm a senior in highschool. Theres this girl that i love and ive known her for four years. but, it is one of those camp relationships where you only get to see the person 2 weeks outta the year( the rest of the slow days are passed through letters and phoning with her). ive never felt such extremly strong feelings for another girl ( and yeah while it may seem that this is young love, fuck it, i know what it feels like--and its nothing ive ever experienced). i mean this girl is perfect: intelligent, beautiful, makes you just want to BE with her no matter what. shes like a slice of sunshine that brightens my darkest days. But, yesterday i asked her about colleges and stuff, like would we try to goto the same school ( i really could see myself marrying this girl) and she said she hadnt thought about it at all. Then she said that our relationship, to her, was just a camp thing. NOW FUCK! too many emotions are involved with her to have this happen to me. i care for her, but when she says something like that...makes me wanna give up on her


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As to the location of your post:

Just so you know, this belongs in "Insignificant Others" in the future.

As to your actual post:

Dude, tell her exactly what you've told us. Tell her you love her, you've never felt this way before, that you don't want to be without her. What have you got to lose? Nothing but an illusion.

Tell her exactly what you wrote here (the sunshine thing was gold), and she can't help but love you.

Good luck :thumbsup:


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this should deffintly go under insinificant others, but hey, ur new here, so its ok, you said she is buetiful, and kind.. well, if she is really like that, then she had other boyfreinds b4 you.. u would just be another brick in her wall, no offense, but... i dont think she cares about you, as much as you care about her,.. tell her how you feel about this whole thing, talking to her is the only way to get this straight, see how she thinks this realationship is going on.


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"Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have."

maybe she isnt ready for the love you are looking for, doesnt mean she doesnt love you back :p

good luck :D


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if you only see her two weeks out of the year and feel like this about her then i would say stick with it. Tell her how you feel about her.


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If something like that makes you want to give up on her, then you should just forget it right now. If I were you I would ask her out and stop beating around the Bush. Tell her that you don't want it to be a camp thing. Maybe if she hasn't thought about you in a interested sort of way, show her that she might not know all of you yet. Mention how you like to play the guitar (or something that you do; That's just an example) or draw a whole lot, and she'll ask you to draw pictures for her... Just some ideas, but catch her attention and try to find things that she thinks is attractive in a guy.
Ive already made out with this girl under ths stars at midnight. You see we just began "dating" this past summer and it was really intense and passionate...that is why i love her and cant see why she just wants a camp relationship. Maybe im just a hopeless romantic =/