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Horror Movie Fans

How many of you love horror flix. I do, and it's crazy how many are out now. White, Noise, Hide and go Seek, The Boogeyman, and Cursed is coming out soon. What horror movies have you watched lately and what are your favorites?
Yeah your right, I haven't seen Saw yet though. White Noise was ok nothing to talk about though. I really liked The Grudge, have you seen that?


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I saw The Grude twice (once with girls and once without)...

Definately better with ladies. :cool:

It was an alright movie, but it could have had more plot/character development.
GarnetXero said:
Yeah your right, I haven't seen Saw yet though. White Noise was ok nothing to talk about though. I really liked The Grudge, have you seen that?
I haven't seen The Grudge because I saw a review for it and it never showed anyone die. It just showed right before then cut to another scene. :thumbsdn: If I go to a horror movie I excpect to see some people die. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :thumbsup:


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I'm a complete horror freak. I see almost every single one, and been watching them religiously for like 20 years (even seen most classic shit).. It's good to see them coming out every other day nowadays but most haven't exactly been steller... Even the sucky ones though always have something in 'em that ends up making me enjoy them (even Wrong Turn lol).

Next on my list is Boogeyman and Cursed...

Oh, and if you're a fan of the genre make sure you help support The Horror Channel network coming to cable and satellite very soon!


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The single most disturbing horror movie I have EVER seen was "The Exorcist."
Any time I watch that I sleep with every light in the house on. If I don't, my mind plays tricks on me... I hear voices and see demons' faces flash on my walls. No other movie has EVER scared me as bad as this one.


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I saw Hide and Seek, just a little warning. Don't go see it, its boring and it never really begins. There was not plot to it, and do you know who Charlie was all along, HER DAD. What the fuck, I mean he had two peronalities and did not know it.

Now Boogyman was the Shit, that movie was scarry and really really good, I am not going to ruin that for anyone who wants to see it.

One of the movies I have t see when it comes out is the new Amityville Horror that is comming out April 15th at the movies. I loved the old Amityville Horrors. :thumbsup: I can't wait till April 15...(marks on calender)

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Ehhh... I wouldn't categorize Jaws as horror... When I think horror i think of Wes Craven.. of Friday the 13th... shit like that. I think Jaws operates on a higher level than simply "slasher" flicks.

Then again, I think the exorcist operates on a higher level as well, but I'd include that in the horror genre. Oh well.