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Fringe How Did They Make The Pyramids!?


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I've never really understood the slavery concept when it came to the construction of the pyramids. The same people that tell us the pyramids were built by slaves are the same "Egyptologists" that have no fucking clue how they were constructed. Not to say that I know how they were made, but the leading Egyptologists couldn't even construct a scaled down pyramid with the methods they claim were used to build the pyramids.

They tried the pulley theory and the slope theory and couldn't even get a pathetic little 12 foot pyramid built out of stones.

Many are still pushing the 'manpower/slope made of sand' theory in which the blocks that were "carved" from the quarry (miles away) were pushed along precious lumber by many men. So many men in fact that they must have been enslaved.

Precious lumber indeed because trees in the region were scarce (non-existent) and were actually quite a commodity brought down the Nile from their neighbors to North and traded. Do you see a lot of trees in all those pictures of the desert? Yeah, me either.

So like, here you have a region that's got no fucking trees and I'm to believe that this scarce resource was used to roll immovable slabs of stone miles on end by slaves? The story just gets better and better. I mean, it might as well be aliens, right?

Or... it could just be Occam's Razor.

I could build a pyramid by myself. You could build a pyramid by yourself. It would take a bit of time but it can be made solo. Granted, I'm not talking about aligning it with the stars and the solstices and making it perfectly square and all that. But as far as the basic construction, you, I, anyone could build one by themselves with nothing more than what was available 10,000 years ago.

What did we have available to us 10,000 years ago? Some wood, some water, and the makings of cement.

1. Take what little, precious wood you've traded your own resources for and build a mold in the shape of a block.

2. Mix the different types of stone you smash from your nearby quarries into a mixture that will solidify when mixed with water.

3. Go down to the Nile river and return with water.

4. Mix your smashed rock with the water into the wooden mold you've constructed and let it set into a block.

5. Remove the wooden mold.

6. Rinse and repeat.

7. Profit.

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New PBS shows say it was possible that the pyramids were built by lower class egyptians paying their taxes through labor. They found egyptian hieroglyphs inside homes built not too far from the pyramid work site 'n stuff... I have no source or proof or anything other than thats probably what happend you guys.
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The one thing I find fascinating about the pyramids is that the ancient Egyptians wrote about all aspects of life, gardening, death, politics, love, hate, wars; everything was written about their culture and history in hieroglyphs but nothing was ever found written about the pyramids themselves or how they were built.


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Something tells me this man knows:

Just looking at Mark Hamilton's eyes shows you the sheer amount of batshit compressed into his skull threatens to make him a singularity.
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What did we have available to us 10,000 years ago? Some wood, some water, and the makings of cement.
I've often thought this was the case for all these really awesome forms of rock work. Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It isn't too far fetched that you could use knowledge on how a sedimentary rock is formed in order to make one. Of course I would guess that during the time of their construction, they probably weren't as strong as real limestone. But how much time does sedimentary rock need to be hard? Its known that you can create Limestone through evaporation in arid environments.

Seems like a fitting explanation to me.
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