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Fringe How Did They Make The Pyramids!?


I once ate broccoli
I believe that ancient people were closer to divine beings, better understood the nature of their relationship to the world around them, and may have understood how to manipulate the physical world using the mind (levitation, etc). I also believe there was no difference between the Egyptians and the Mayans. They were the same people.
I agree to some degree. Surely not the mind powers shit. Do you know Srinivasa Ramanujan? I think it's about this: he just knew that. Therefore, the Egyptians, the Mayans etc just knew that. How did the know? Their minds weren't clouded as ours are nowadays. Just like faith, no way to explain, just feel it. Trying to explain by science is, definitely, a right way to do, but slower compared to conscience. Gnosis, they call it.

The fact that they had toilets and dung beatles means they didn't kill thousands of slaves to worship an ego. Oh wait yes they did.
Since archeologists found tombs of workers (in 1990), they could analyze the corpses and found that they were medically treated and many other things, so archeologists left the slavery theory and went for a probable paid labor.
Read some.

Getting to know how and why our ancestors built pyramids, not only Egyptians, will tell us something about why we are what we are today. At least I hope so.
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