How Did You Find Out About [2015+]

Did you type WTF to get here?

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I kept seeing this WTF acromym and wondered what it stood for, so I googled WTF and got the link to this site. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link, registered, so that's how I got here.


I saw a Xenforo Add on (the medals) and it linked to here to show how they looked on an active forum xD

Jack Dawkins

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Out with the old meat, in with the new meat...

Yes, there is no choice to make babies with Geht. I couldn't let that continue.

Previous thread here:

How did you find That's a no brainer in most cases. "Der! I just typed wtf, them, blamo! I nutted, and queer I am." If that closely resembles in any way how you finally graced us with your sextasticle presents, then please, use the "poll" option(s) above. Otherwise, give us your less than lame story of how the fuck you've made it here.........

Me. I was bored one bone chilling, spooky evening. I say spooky, because motherfuckers are after my taters. CONSTANTLY watching me.

Anyhoo.. I was bored. I typed "WATDAFUK", being my user name on a spades website- cards, you dipshits. In a description of a link I saw "People make me sick" and I clickeded it. I came across a thread where 53V3N and some gimp named Micheal Bolton were going at it like two school-yard girls making sweet love via brick-to-the-face, verbal ass whoopin's. It was fucking hilarious. Whoop-de-fuck and a half! Two and some odd years later, here I am.

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I'm a homeless refugee.I got evicted from my last forum for having a frank exchange of views with the mods. ;)