how do...


Flame Bait
how do pens work? I don't think it a stupid qustion. But evertime I ask someone look at me funny. It like I am ask why markers smell good or why that joly red men want me to seat his and tell him think in his ear. Me and friends already do that to each other but not just on X-mas. No, a I what to know is how the black wet stuff get on my paper. Dose anyone know?


How dare you!?
depends on what type of pen, there are atleast a few diff. kinds that work differntly. Free ink for example... the ink is just kinda there and as the pen gets pulled across the page the ink just gets left behind. Thats the most simple way of describing it.
A ball point pen has a little ball at the end of the pen with part of it up against the ink which keeps the ink from comming out and then as the pen is pulled across the page the ball is forced to roll and as it does so it rolls across the ink and brings it around down to the page.
Hope that helps.. might not be completely correct but that is how i would imagin that it would work.
There are some stupid questions but stupid questions are only ones that are asked without first been given thought before being asked.