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how stupid can she be?


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"Williamson is a small woman with long brown hair. She didn't finish high school. She hasn't seen her father since she was 13. She has worked in fast food, but doesn't have a job.

"I've heard of the Internet," she said, "but I've never used it. I have no knowledge of computers whatsoever." She didn't learn about her widespread critics until a few days after the photo appeared. Her ex-husband said his co-workers had talked about it. "It didn't bother me," she said. "It went in one ear and out the other. I've heard this all my life."

"I've heard this all my life" she says...


Banned - What an Asshat!
Look at the pic. SHe is smoking a CIGARRET!! She is an idiot who likes to compalin. She is not worried about her child. SHe is SMOKING!!! fuck her!