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How to ask a girl out part 2? HELP PLEASE.

Alright basically i asked her on myspace if she could go to the movies because school ended may 25th. Here's what she told me

im busy monday..sorry anyways you know youre really nice but nothing could ever happen between us and you need to know that!! and since i know how you feel about me hangingout would make me feel really really sorry but hopefully you understand where im comin from.. i hope i didnt lead you on in any way..
I dont really get what she is saying i know she doesent want to hang out but i dont get the rest of what she said.. So if anyone can translate that that would be awesome thanks.


Fresh Meat

okay im a girl.
You know when boys ask me out and i don't like them, you just say like nice stuff like oh ur a nice guy but then you say " i don't think its going to work" so its just a girl thing.We say something nice and then let them go slowly.Ok
so i don't think she likes you okay sweety just get over her.
okay bye


It sounds like a very hastily written no thanks.
That's probably why the grammars a bit off or a few words are missing...

Sorry man... :(

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Well, unfortunately, there is obviously something between you that she thinks won't 'work between you'. I think she will continue to think that. It doe sheem a bit rushed, so there is obviously another guy in the picture or.. something else going on. Girls are confussing and especially young girls so are just getting into boys. I guess the only solution is to ask her why it won't work, or just go for another girl.
Sorry to hear it though :(


Oh c'mon, you could understand it, right? Besides, he got my "Poor Guy+rep"
'cause I'm such a sap anyway.