How to Become rich and famous on WTF?!


sugar-coated cynicism
Hey, I just shared this as a pm with a noob here and thought I should share it with others. Since people are ready to pounce on this site, especially at "noobs" let me share some tips or suggestions rather.

  1. Many here are atheists, and deem themselves "intellectuals" because of it. They don't mind reading about your ideas on religion as long as you don't try to keep pushing people to change their views. There are some who will argue you until you're blue in the face so just try to ignore them if you are bothered by them.
  2. IGNORE 90% of what's said here. Most of the people here don't act like this in RL (real life) and just humor themselves by posting here. If it bothers you too much, make a Taters and Haters thread and flame them there for it. If you venture into Taters and Haters, put on your wading boots and your thick skin otherwise stay out of it. There are members here who will not be nice.
  3. Don't make a big deal about likes and trophies. They means nothing and if you are a funny poster your counts will go up regardless.
  4. We have a few grammar/spelling Nazis here. Use a spell checker. Firefox browser has a built-in spell check. I always preview my posts first and run a spell check. Occasional mess ups are perfectly fine.
  5. Don't kiss staff member asses. Although I'm sure they like the power trip, it's pretty annoying to the rest of the forums. Being a grammar Nazi is one thing but if you run around screaming about how someone is breaking a rule constantly you will be viewed as an ass-kisser. There are plenty of staff members here and they know how to do their jobs without being reminded. If you think perhaps the staff hasn't noticed something yet that shouldn't be allowed, use the "Report" icon at the bottom of the offending post.
  6. Read the "sticky"/pinned rules of each forum (if available), so you won't get verbally raped when you break them by staff and/or staff wannabes (we have a few of those) here.
  7. Don't use leet speak. An occasional omg or rofl is fine, but too many others will find you a nice stay in the cock farm.
  8. You have the right to your opinion as much as anyone else. Say what you would if you didn't have to worry about being correct, so long as you're not being a bigoted/sexist jerk, people will love you for that. Again, this site began as a ranting site and many use it for that. Most intelligent members here respect others' rights to their opinions even if they disagree.
  9. Don't censor your posts. The point of this forum is to not hold back so censored words tend to p*** everyone the f*** off! (censoring the word fuck is considerably irritating and isn't tolerated well here).
  10. If you do slip up and break a rule and get a verbal smackdown, learn from it and don't repeat it and you will be fine.
  11. The most important thing to remember is that this is the internet and it really doesn't matter what people here think about you. If you find your stay here isn't pleasant it means one of two things: a) You need to get a backbone and repeat this, "It's an internet forum" "It's an internet forum" until that makes sense. b) You probably actually are a racist/bigoted/sexist/asshole or all of the above and the truth just stings.
  12. Ignore everything in the Welcome Wagon threads, except the reminders to read the rules.

Enjoy your stay.