How to raise a family: WOMEN'S EDITION!!!


Girls are great!
1. Your husband is not allowed to hang out with his friends and family, nor is he allowed to do anything you don't like.

2. If he does something outside of your authority, punch his body repeatedly until he submits. Try to bruise him, make him bleed, try to injure him so bad he has to go to the hospital. :)

3. No matter if he apologizes or not, take the kids and move away from him without telling him where you are going. Don't be afraid of moving in with your mother or your parents if they are together. Never move in with only your father, because men are molesters and he won't be able to resist raping your female vagina.

4. Tell the cops that your husband raped you and the kids, especially if he didn't. He will go to prison and get raped by the other inmates as punishment. The court system understands that women are better than men, and will definitely let you keep the kids 100% of the time. He will also have to pay child support if he gets out of prison, so that is more free money for you.

5. You are a feminist. Follow all of these rules to live a successful feminist life. Be sure to keep marrying somebody richer than you, and repeat doing everything on this list. Abuse those awful men in these relationships, then divorce them and take all their money. This is the best feminist career because then you will never have to get a job. Working is for dirty loser men. :)


Social Distancing Warrior
1. Your husband has no friends and does not get along with his family.

2. Your husband is a wimp.

3. You do not have any kids, but you do have daddy issues.

4. Your husband has raped you but prefers to be with other men.

5. You are a weak feminist. You blame all your troubles on men and do not take any responsibility for your own actions or lack thereof. Strong feminists on the other hand, do not hate men. They see men as equals, but know it takes a lot of hard work to achieve what hard working men achieve.