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How Uncanny!


this hot girl i used to have round my place after work smoking pot is now going out with a guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to me. i totally respected her and she completely shat all over that blowing me off for this other jerk. i don't harbour any resentment. i saw them at the shopping centre tonight, and they were looking at jewellery while i was distracting my thoughts with an article aboout Ian Curtis from Joy Division in the british music magazine Q.

man it kinda breaks my heart, the way she was in tears crying to me about the abuses she had to suffer from her ex. one night she slept in my bed while i was forced to sleep on the floor like a dog, and i never even touched her.

sometimes, apathy is a good thing.


Apathy? If you were apathetic,you'd have posted about your erectile dysfunctions insted. Bah! Women. Maybe she left you because Dookie Jr. has a third leg. Maybe she's just a punk wanting to keep her options open while playing the field. Or maybe she's just another woman never really knowing what she wants.

Not to worry,kiddo. Apathy makes you big and me.
There are plenty of psycho biotches out there that require the attention that only you can provide. You've got the rest of your youth to find the right one for you.

...only to find out later,that she drives you nuts like the rest of them.


You're my number two
If this guy looks like you, maybe you can have her meet him (you in reality) someplace with poor lighting, and scam a blow job out of her.

Just an idea to one-up her.

Feel free to augment the blowjob with your preference of depraved, indecent acts. :thumbsup: