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How would you like your corpse dispossed of?


®åvïñg §hëêþðhò£íç
Personally i think they should just throw me in ground and get it over with. But lets here what dumbass things you can come up with :thumbsup:


There goes a clever gent
Burnt, I think cemeteries are a huge fucking waste of space.
Well, they could build a pyramid for me, though. That'd be cool. Then I wouldn't care about space. As long as no cats are buried with me.


standard people-hater
Mummified, seriously, and lain in a mosoleum because being burried is a fear, and I fear burning, and so I think it is contradictive to spend life loving god and avoiding the fires of hell to have your body sent to them.


Death is a tender subject for me cuz I'm scared of it.

I don't wanna be burried cuz the tought of being burried under ground in a little box with wormies crawlin in me is sick and not very comforting.

I don't wanna be creamated cuz frying until there isn't anything left but ash and bone fragments isn't that appealing either.

Maybe I'll request that I'm frozen and then put in an ice tomb. Yeah. That would be neat. I'll be the next ice woman. :p
you asked for it

you really shouldn't have asked this question.

First of all, i want a pyramid built for me, and inside i want nothing but trash and shit, so that when people go to rob my grave they'll find empty soda cans and shit. Secondly, I want my body stuffed with all sorts of chemicals and stuff just as long as it doesn't burn the skin off. Then I want, someone to spend the time on mumifying me and scrabling my brains and stuff, into a pot witch will be used later. Then after they remove the brain, i want them to burn my body and take the ashes to a chilly cook off. At the chilly cook off i want, someone to spread my ashes across all the chilly pots they can find, so that when people eat the chilly they'll be eating me. Then I want my brains to be taken to some restuarant, preferably a nice one, and then pour them into a big pot of soup. That way everyone who eats soup will be eating my brain. And maybe they'll gain a little bit of int.? maybe? or they'll just die. thats what i want to have happen when i die.

How i want to die? I want to die from cumming in the middle of some really good sex, at the age of about 90 or 80. That way, ill have a good feeling with me all the time when im in heaven or hell. and i can finally say i beat it up, hard core.
skwabari_shtcak said:
Cremated and my ashes spread over the Bear Glacier in BC.
Beautiful place that is. I've been there once, years ago. :thumbsup:

As for me, throw me in a river and let the leeches eat me. I don't care. I'd be dead.


Hella Constipated
Fucked by 15 Mexicans, a Thai Jiggalo, and twenty Asian men and donated to Science to determine what rotting jizz does to a corpse.

I mean, wow, my sexy hunk of Deoxyribonucleic Acid could save millions, if not BILLIONS, of future hookers and make Rockstar Games create an add-on smell device for Grand Theft Auto.