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how's everyone's summer going?


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it's almost august :( in about a month school will resume and already i am starting to feel reminiscent about my summer. i think it just hit me my break is nearly over. how bout you? as the title suggests, tell us about your summer-good or bad.

myself, until now (cause i've just said "fuck it"), either i did not have enough money, or time, or my friends simply were unavailable to do anything really spectacular for the same reasons; other than the usual. so i've made some plans: i'll either ask my friend to come up for the weekend, if she can, or, i will spend it in NYC with another friend, if she can't. two weeks after that i'll go home for a few days to visit my family and friends from back home, then school starts again.


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Hey GurlGoneWild... feels like a while since I've seen you posting/on IRC...

My summer's been great! I go back to school in approximately 15 days or so... dang!

Better enjoy this while it lasts, right?


I still haven't registered for college...

My summer has been comprised totally of lifting weights. It's my favorite hobby.


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Mine is sorta parellel to yours gurlgonewild.

Not enough time, not enough people, nowhere to go. I've pretty much been working, and I'm so in debt to my mom that I havent had an ounce of that money!

So yeah, it sucked. I also found out that they passed the bill to start school in september here, but it won't be in effect until next year. When I'm gone! Dammit.

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In England all my friends are just breaking up from school, So basically just starting, and starting it off with two friends are coming here to Spain, Lots of sunbathing and drinking I say, Also, One of my friends are already here, and then Ima goona probably spend the rest in England. :)
Eh, so-so. It's been very hot and humid so I mostly like to stay home in the AC (except, of course, when I am working). I went camping with some friends over the fourth of July, saw fireworks. I try to go swimming atleast once a week.

My sister-in-law is about to have another child. She's due on Aug 1, so I'm really looking forward to that. It's a boy. :)

Other than that, there's not a hell of a whole lot going on.


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I've never been so baked, or drunk in my entire life this summer. It's going great so far. Nice weather...friends are here, all in all Im having a great time. I'm just real surprised that it went by so damn fast, it tears me up inside :sword:

Well, time is running out:clock:. Let's just try and make the most of the time we have.